Lieutenant Abhishek Ray Chaudhuri Teachers Training College

Psychology Laboratory

Psychology laboratory : The knowledge of psychology is essential for prospective teacher. The college has psychology lab from the beginning the main objective is to make the student-teachers acquaintance  with the different psychological test, to develop the skills in them which they require in future for administration and interpretation of the test so that they can know about the learner. The lab is equipped  with papers pencil test materials and performance test equipments which are necessary for B.Ed students. The lab is equipped with the following test items.

  1. Human Memory
  2. A Test
  3. Non verbal group intelligence test (NVGIT)
  4. Educational psychology set of 30Transparencies
  5. Psychological test and apparatus(C.D)
  6. Cognitive Capabilities test
  7. Teacher Attitude scale
  8. Performance test
  9. Motor ability test
  10. Mirror Drawing apparatus
  11. Span of Attention
  12. Science Attitude scale
  13. Eysencks personality Questionnaire
  14. Teaching attitude test(TAT)
  15. Draw a man test for Indian Children

Science Laboratory

Science Lab: The college has its science lab sense its inception. Physics ,Chemistry and Biology lab are provided the student ample opportunity to conduct scientific experiment. The labs are equipped with sophisticated instruments, tools, specimen and chemicals. The lab is equipped with the following items.

  1. Compound
  2. Microscope
  3. As-4
  4. Slide Box
  5. Biology Box
  6. Filter Paper
  7. Eye Piece
  8. Conical Flask
  9. Beaker
  10. Board Pins
  11. Plastic Box
  12. Eye Piece
  13. Slider
  14. Cover slip
  15. Watch glass
  16. Glass Rod
  17. Test tube Rack
  18. Test Tube
  19. Measuring Cylinder
  20. Spirit Lamp
  21. Holder
  22. Tripod stand
  23. Wire net
  24. Dropper
  25. Distilled water
  26. Bottle
  27. De-land water
  28. Cobalt chloride
  29. Magnetic box
  30. Spirit label
  31. Tall pair
  32. Thermometer
  33. Plain mirror
  34. Test tube rack
  35. Test tube holder
  36. Glucose
  37. Magnetic Handle
  38. Charts of human
  39. Respiratory system
  40. Sphygmomanometer
  41. Stethoscope
  42. Benedict
  43. Reagent



  1. Pila
  2. Singhu fish
  3. Magur fish
  4. Scoliodon specimen
  5. Asturias specimen
  6. Hirudinaria specimen
  7. Sea Horse
  8. Major carp
  9. Bones of guinepig


Art & Craft Laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory

Math Lab: Math lab is equipped  with apparatus, mathematical kit, Marjory equipment, mathematical charts and models. The mathematics lab is required to make the students teachers accountant with the different sift sizes shapes of mathematical basic concept and also the colorful equipment break the monotony of the students teachers while they keep themselves engaged in their work.


Language Laboratory

Language laboratory: The global world is change fast in this era of information technology communication is the key to success so to enhance the skill of communication we have setup a digital language laboratory this is an audio or audio visual laboratory used as an aid in modern language teaching it is a study room which is equipped with electronic sound reproduction devices which helps the student is hear model pronunciation of language . In this process they can hear their own voices as they engage in pattern grill. the lab is equipped with the following items.

  1. Computer(monitor)
  2. Wireless Receiver
  3. Amplifier
  4. Talk-back Amplifier
  5. Projector
  6. Headphone
  7. White –board
  8. Speaker
  9. Chart
  10. Switch-Board
  11. Cd
  12. Keyboard
  13. UPS
  14. Mic –Cable


Social Studies Laboratory

Social science labs are full of models , charts to make the students teachers understand the geographical historical and educational concept it provides a work room for students teachers. The permanent display the important maps and globes are constant referent them. The social science lab is fully equips with following items.

  1. Barometer
  2. Thermometer
  3. Dry and Wet Blub Thermometer
  4. Tracing table
  5. Specimen Rock
  6. Specimen mineral
  7. Academic Bengali Globe
  8. Computer
  9. Map of India and World War2
  10. Map of Sultanate of Delhi
  11. Map of World History
  12. Map of West Bengal
  13. Asia Map political
  14. India Map Political etc….


ET ( Educational Part ) Laboratory

Educational Technology Lab with network facility. The laboratory is  equipped  with hardware and v software packages CD and Audio tapes. The laboratory has

1 .Computer

  1. Laptop


4.Audio Recording

5.Video Recording

6.Interactive White Board



Music Laboratory